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Present for more than 15 years in the world of landscaping, SO GARDEN created the ARTEPOT brand in 2020, dedicated to the manufacture of flower boxes in composite materials. In recent years, our products have won over a diverse audience of individuals, professionals and communities. Initially popular with landscapers, our containers are now popular with various sectors of activity, the hotel and catering industry, construction, architectural firms, etc.


Since its creation, our teams have continued to innovate to offer bins with a timeless design, efficient and durable. We are also committed to preserving the environment and we are committed to reducing our impact through our products. This is why we are proud to launch our first range of eco-designed products using plant fiber.


Clean lines, natural or vibrant colors, quality materials... Our flower box models respond to our concept of garden design: enhance rather than distort. Practical, elegant, useful, robust… Our garden pots are the fruit of the imagination of design enthusiasts and the thinking of our team of engineers.


In order to guarantee you total satisfaction, we have put in place processes and a choice of materials aimed at ensuring a high level of quality for all ARTEPOT creations. From the technical properties of the materials to their density, including a process of reinforcing the corners and a specific treatment of the walls… each element that is part of the manufacturing of our flower pots is scrupulously studied. As a result, ARTEPOT bins are: • Ultra-resistant to frost and UV rays • Scratch-resistant • Solid • Stable • Undeformable • Lightweight


Where do our ideas come from? – The development of a new plant box in fiberglass or Corten Steel requires time, thought and numerous processes. It is by discussing with you, our customers, that we determine what aesthetic and quality criteria are essential to you. A new collection of ARTEPOT bins is therefore the result of our discussions. It’s then up to us to transform your desires into reality. To do this, we establish detailed specifications which include your requirement criteria as well as ours. Then, it’s time for design in our design office. Drawings and calculations flow through to the design of a prototype produced in our workshop. Is the test conclusive? A new model or a new collection is born.

Our materials


Like other brands in the Forestia group, ARTEPOT offers products combining style and quality at the fairest price. Depending on the collections, our flower boxes are made of fiberglass or, more recently, linen fiber. Our objective was to use a biosourced material in the manufacture of planters, while taking advantage of the excellent technical properties of this natural material.